Diamond Jim, a Game Bird

Class Description-The two-day class takes a gaming rooster and develops him into a white on white bird with a definite attitude and sparkle.  The students will learn the versatility of overdyed threads in a limited color range (white) and the possibilities for color manipulation, control and optical color blending in interpreting the subject.  There are straight, diagonal, oblique, compound, complex and decorative stitches, which work together to bring this sparkling bird to life.  Overdyed and solid threads, accentuate, embellishments and ribbon floss are all combined in the process.  Threads are mixed, padded, laid and manipulated in interesting ways to achieve these results.  The complexities and simplicities of the background choice will be explored.  We will work through this project so the student will be able to better work through their next project on their own.

Kit Contents and approximate cost-approximate kit cost $95.00

Student responsibility for materials-


Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Canvas size-13” X 15”

Finished size- 10” X 11.5”

Audio-visual requirements-Flipchart and colored markers

Special Requirements- None

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