Enchanted Stash

Class Description-This one-day project gives the student a choice of five (5) different colors of #18 mono canvas (samples enclosed).  The class also opens that Pandora’s box, the “stitcher’s stash” of thread alternatives.  Straight (vertical and horizontal), diagonal, straight trellis and diagonal trellis possibilities will be covered.  Pulling the colored canvas and a variety of threads together will help the students visualize the possibilities and opportunities.  These laid fillings and the optical color blending developed with these simple to compound and complex techniques will open new possibilities for stitch choices.  The best part of this class is the interaction excitement and sharing with others as their individual choices come together and develop into individually inspired thread combinations.  This is a lot of fun and you are learning a great technique along the way.  By the way the student can end up with a frame, a mat or a pillow at their option.

Kit cost $28.00

Student responsibility for materials-

Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Canvas size-15” X 13 “

Finished size-8” X 7 “ with additional sample squares

Stitched examples are of projects completed by students-These should not be used as examples in literature of the actual project, as the real project of each student will develop individually.  This stitch development, thread choice and placement make up a large portion of the learning process and enjoyment of the class. 

Audio-visual requirements-Flipchart and colored markers

Special Requirements- None

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