“Excel”-ent Stitch Diagrams To Good Use

Class Description-This is a three hour class.  The class utilizes the Excel computer program to draw and develop stitch diagrams and place them for good use.  Printed materials will be used to describe how the process works.  The students will be talked through the process with a general discussion format.  Pictures of computer screens will be provided for better understanding and discussion.  Suggestions for incorporating these developed diagrams into stitch guides and project instructions will be provided.  Each student will also receive a computer diskette with graph paper and examples of stitch diagrams.  It is strongly recommended that students bring their own laptop computers to class with the Excel program loaded onto the computers, but no computers will be provided in class. The purchase of the Excel computer program is the responsibility of each student and will not be included with the class. 

Kit Contents and cost- kit cost                         USD$35.00

Computer diskette of samples

Instruction booklet

Graph paper samples

Student responsibility for materials-


Proficiency level - All

Audio Visual Requirements- A real time projection unit attached to a computer with Excel loaded is required with an AV charge to be added to the class cost, or I can provide the unit for UDS300.00 per class-day.  This is at the option of the event organizer.  A screen to project on, table and extension cords are also required for the class.

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