The Fall Tile

Class Description – This is a two-day class.  We will be working on a tan canvas and stitching with shades of color that can only be those of fall.  This fall pallet is perfect for the piles of fallen leaves we will be stitching.  There is a collection of ten (10) different leaf and leaf-like stitches included in the piece, and a total of about fifteen (15) different stitches and compound stitches.  The threads and colors are blended only as fall leaves do in real life.  The leaves fall all over the canvas and not a single one will need to be swept up.  The project was designed to sweep the stitcher away with the calm exuberance of a gentle fall breeze.  In two (2) days we will get well along with the stitching of this stitch impression of the colors and memories of fall.  This fall stroll through the leaves will add stitches and enjoyment to the stitcher’s stitching experience!

Kit Cost – USD40.00

Kit Contents –
The kit will include canvas (#18 tan mono canvas), printed instructions, color picture, 8 in mini stretcher bars, tacks, needles, cotton floss, over dyed floss, masking tape and #8 braid.

Student Responsibility for Materials–

Proficiency Level – Intermediate

Canvas Size – 8 inches by 8 inches

Finished Size – About 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches

Audio-visual Requirements – Flip chart and color markers

Special Requirements - None

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