Fantasy Island

Class Description-The three-day class explores the development of layering of stitches ands colors to create islands of color and texture.  Students will have a choice of white or black burlap for their ground material.  Cotton, wool and a variety of knitting yarns will be provided in the kit.  Students may bring any additional thread they can fit into a zip-lock sandwich bag.  These threads are limited to three (3) 24” lengths for any single thread.  In addition each student, may if they choose also bring three (3) 24” cut lengths of four (4) different “strange and sturdy” knitting yarns that will be traded with other students.  Student will be advised about how many “trade kits” to make up for the class.  My stitched samples were stitched with only the thread kits that you will receive from the teacher. 
We will spend the first day developing seven (7) different island shapes.  The second two (2) days we will be developing different stitch textures on each of six (6) of the islands.  We will also be working with the development of negative spaces between the islands.  Then finally on the last island the students will be turned loose with no limits or restrictions on it’s execution.  We will work together to open our minds, share our ideas and let our creativity run wild!  Here is you chance to have those fantasy islands of your own.

Kit Contents and approximate cost-approximate kit cost USD$65.00
The kit will include stretcher bars, tacks, needles, ground material (with color choice), instructions, lame’ (with color choice) and threads (over 40 different threads).

Student responsibility for materials-


Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Working size-15” X 18”

Finished size- depends on student

Audio-visual requirements-Flipchart and colored markers

Special Requirements- Enough room in class for students to be able to work and stitch on the rather large framed up piece!  We will also need tables for the student’s threads that they will be using on the project.  Working space is a real issue.

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