Petei Nativity Set

There are eighteen (18) pieces to this nativity set.  A group can pick to do a few as twelve (12) pieces.  The set is worked in a specific order only because I reused threads from previous characters as the set developed.

The stitch guides are $10 each and the painted canvases are from the designer Petei and they vary in cost.  We can talk about how we can structure the class as a whole to meet the individual needs of the group.  There also is a barn wood barn that was especially made for this set that is also available for about $60.

Take a look at the individual characters and the detail on each piece.  I worked to put those little individual details into the pieces to make them special.  This turned out to be a very nice set and was a lot of fun to stitch.  It also is a great size to take along on a trip.

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