Piñata Party Time

Class Description-This class is a two-day class.  We are going to take the shape of a piñata and color it with the six (6) major color points from a color wheel.  We will fill the areas with a variety of shaded eyelet stitches.  We will each deconstruct the given stitches and choose from the four (4) shades of each color point to develop a shaded eyelet stitch or stitches for each color area.  A metallic thread will be used in each area for accent.  Between each of the areas we will add a wrapped backstitch using the two (2) adjacent colors to form the look of a cord.  The central element will be nosegay of silk ribbon and embroidered flowers.  To accent the festive nature of the party we will couch two colors of a multi-colored yarn to represent serpentine and sequins will be used to represent confetti.  As a last finishing element we will add two handmade Mexican mugs to help the party along!

Kit cost and Contents- USD82.00
Kit to include line drawn canvas (#18 white mono canvas) with printed stitching instructions.  All threads and silk ribbons for stitching the piece, embellishments and needles.

Student responsibility for materials-


Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Canvas size –10” X 10”

Finished size- 7” X 8”

Audio-visual requirements-Flipchart and colored markers

Special Requirements- None

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