Saturday Night Sally

Class Description-The one-day class takes a line drawing and develops it into a great gal with great party attitude.  Remembrance that special time or holiday with this great party girl that fits your color choice or occasion exactly.  We can work out a color combination to fit your group or event!  Each outfit will be different but coordinated to your wishes with different color choices for the threads.  You may want to do more than one.  There are a variety of stitches, and threads that work together to bring your girl to life.  We will work to make this girl truly your groups project.  This is a fun project that we can really have some fun developing and stitching.

Kit cost - $57.00

Student responsibility for materials-


Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Canvas size-8” X 13”

Finished size- 5” X 10.75”

Audio-visual requirements-Flipchart and colored markers

Special Requirements- None

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