The Summer Tile

Class Description – This is a two-day class.  We will be working on a bright yellow canvas and stitching with a radiant summer pallet of cotton floss, over dyed cotton floss and # 8 braid.  We will be doing about fifteen (15) different stitches and compound stitches to bring this explosion of summer brightness to life.  In two (2) days we will get well along with the stitching of this stitch impression of the spirit and exuberance of spring.  This summer romp has heat and harmony that will represent and rejoin the stitcher with those summers past and future!

Kit Cost – USD40.00

Kit Contents –
The kit will include canvas (#18 bright yellow mono canvas), printed instructions, color picture, 8 in mini stretcher bars, tacks, needles, cotton floss, over dyed floss, masking tape and #8 braid.

Student Responsibility for Materials–

Proficiency Level – Intermediate

Canvas Size – 8 inches by 8 inches

Finished Size – About 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches

Audio-visual Requirements – Flip chart and color markers

Special Requirements - None

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