What Do I Do With This Canvas?!?!?

Class Description-The two-day class would work with individual students needs and problems with one (1) painted canvas.  The students would provide to the teacher (prior to class) an accurate and to scale color picture of their canvas.  With this color picture each student will indicate six (6) areas of specific interest for the teacher to address.  All of the canvases will be discussed in class and an open discussion in class will cover each canvas.  This time will be open to all students to ask questions related to the canvas or related areas of concern to the students.  This class is focused at the students getting a better understanding of the process of choosing stitches, threads, colors and textural needs.  After this a rotation system will be developed to address individual needs and concerns of the students.  The process of developing the individual canvases will progress as the class continues.  Threads will not be provided with the class but students are encouraged to bring possible thread choices they are considering and we will utilize the seminar shop for thread options.

Kit Contents and cost- cost $25.00
Kit to include teachers individualized stitch suggestions for areas of concern and pages for recording further canvas development ideas and suggestions.

Student responsibility for materials-
Usual stitching materials

Proficiency level-Intermediate Level

Canvas size-NA

Finished size- NA

Audio-visual requirements-Flipcharts (2) and a variety of colored markers

Special Requirements- None


I have been teaching three (3) canvas embellishment classes a week for more than eight years.  During that time I have also been writing stitch guides commercially for painted canvases.  I have taught for ANG, EGA, Callaway and TNNA.  I have taught across the country and in Canada and Mexico.  Specifically I have taught this type of class many times in a seminar or retreat format.  This is an opportunity to share this process with students.  I do not want to just tell them what to do.  I want each of them to come away from the class with a better understanding of the process, a better feeling about making these choices.

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